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Team Building Activities

Come to Kona Kai Resort in San Diego for team building and corporate events that are anything but ordinary.

Make the most of your meeting with fun, innovative and memorable team-building activities that are sure to make a lasting impact on your event attendees.

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Guac the House

What’s more California than guacamole? Challenge your attendees to rise to the occasion and build the best guacamole Kona Kai has ever seen! Prices include all ingredients needed to blow us away. Better put on your game face because our Executive Chef will determine who Guac’d the house!
$30++/person (minimum of 10 people)

Who Takes the Cake?

Ready for a Bake-Off? Attendees are broken up into teams and given a theme to decorate cupcakes, judged by our Executive Chef. Points will be given based on creativity, cohesive theme and overall presentation. Plus, the sweet treat at the end means everyone is a winner! Price includes all ingredients needed to show off your skills and make winning a piece of cake!
$30++/person (minimum of 10 people)

In It to Win It

Ready to fan the flames of competition? With this customizable obstacle course, you decide! With challenges varying from easy to advanced, mix and match activities to test both mental and physical fitness. Contact your CSM for a full list of challenge activities.
4 challenges: $25++/person, additional challenges $5++/person (6 challenges max) (minimum of 8 people)

Family Feud

Survey says! Attendees are broken up into 2 teams and play the classic game show right in your meeting. Challenge your attendees to guess the correct answers and win the opportunity to play Fast Money!
$20++/person (minimum of 8 people)

Tower Over the Competition

Each team gets 15 minutes, a roll of masking tape and a stack of newspapers to build a tower taller than their competitors.
$20++/person (10 person minimum)

Marshmallow Out

Teams designate a catcher, whose job is to catch marshmallows thrown in the air by their team members from across the room. Following this activity, enjoy a s’mores-themed break with graham crackers, chocolate and yes, marshmallows.
$25++/person (8 person minimum)
$25++/person for s’mores break

Spell it Out

Each team is given a full set of letters (with duplicates for vowels). Words associated with the company are said aloud and the team who correctly spells each word first by holding their letters up in a row wins a point. First to 5 points wins.
$20++/person (10 person minimum)

Bombs Away

Three large circles are marked out in the sand with rope. Each circle notes different point values. Teams of 5 are each given 5 water balloons and a slingshot. One team member is designated as the driver and directs the team to move themselves and the slingshot in order to score the most points. The driver cannot touch the team members holding the slingshot and must use verbal directions to position them. For each balloon, team members alternate so that everyone is the driver once. The team with the most points wins.
$25++/person, $100 setup fee

Sandcastle Building

Groups are split into 4 teams and each are given a standard set of sandcastle essentials plus 1 bottle of water. Teams are each given the chance to select additional items from a stockpile.
However, the team member designated to select items is blindfolded and the rest of the team has to shout directions on how to snag necessities before the 30 seconds are up. Teams are then
given 5 minutes to build a sand sculpture that embodies their company. Points will be given based on creativity, structural soundness and overall presentation.
$22++/person, $100 setup fee

Over/Under Sea

Teams stand in a line with the first team member in front of a bucket with water and a dry sponge and the last team member in front of an empty bucket. When the game starts, the first team member dunks and soaks the sponge before handing it overhead to the team member behind him/her. The next team member passes the sponge along in between their legs, alternating directions of passing the sponge until it reaches the end of the line. The last team member will wring the sponge out into the bucket before passing it back to the front of the line in the same pattern as before. The first team to fill their bucket wins.
$25++/person, $100 setup fee

Human Foosball

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to stay active, Human Foosball is a must. Two teams of up to ten people can fit in our giant foosball game at a time. Team members must kick the ball from player to player while holding on to padded handle bars. They must work together to move the handles from side to side. Play tournament style to give everyone a chance to get in on the fun.
$100++/person, $100 setup fee

Sailing on the Stars & Stripes

Set sail aboard the famous Stars & Stripes sailboat, an authentic America’s Cup racing yacht. Fully restored to pristine condition, the Stars & Stripes sailboat is one of the fastest and most famous sailing vessels in the world. You’ll feel like one of the crew as you help raise and trim the sails or take your turn at the helm to steer the boat. If you’d rather sit back and relax, that’s fine, too. There is no sailing experience necessary to join on the charter.